• Why should we hire BigHelp!ca as a bookkeeper?
  • Don’t professional bookkeepers just cost more?
  • Is there a software program that you would recommend for us if we want to do our own books?
  • What is the difference between a proprietorship and a corporation?
  • I am a sole proprietor, do I have to charge and pay HST in Ontario?
  • I am incorporated. Do I have to pay HST? I live in Ontario Canada.
  • Do you provide payroll service?
  • Can you teach me how to organize my paperwork? I want to do my books myself.
  • Why do I need a consultation? Can’t I just drop off my books and have you do them?
  • Should business owners in the small and medium sector be looking at cloud computing?
  • Why do I need professional accounting services for my business?
  • What happens after I purchase accounting and/or bookkeeping services from BIGHELP!CA?
  • What is included in the monthly accounting service?
  • What is included in the Payroll service?
  • What happens after I purchase business development services from BIGHELP!CA?
  • What is included in the government reporting service from BIGHELP!CA?
  • I am behind with my government reporting. Is there help for me?
  • I think my current bookkeeper is stealing from me. Can you help?

Before you hire a bookkeeper do your research. There are plenty of bookkeepers out there, but the advantage of BigHelp!ca is that we are an established firm with a solid reputation for quality and the ability to provide you with timely solutions.

We follow a code of conduct and ethics that savvy business owners are looking for. This makes us an asset to your business. It may cost you a bit more, but we will bring value to your business. Our goal is to increase your business value by much more than our fee for service. If you think of your building, your truck or vehicle or your technical trade experience – they all bring value to your business, even though there is a cost involved in having them.

That’s how we see our team of experts. We use our skills to provide you with the tools to improve your business. At BigHelp!ca we believe in continuous professional development, which means your business will benefit from our constantly updated skills and knowledge. You might be surprised to find out that some of our customers believe that we actually cost less in the long run.

At BigHelp!ca we recommend different software packages based on the type of business you have, the current size of the business and what you envision for your business in 3-5 years. Sage, Xero, and Freshbooks are a few of the programs we recommend. At BigHelp!ca we can design and set up an Excel sheet that works for a very small business that needs minimal reporting.

As a proprietor you and your business are considered one for tax purposes. With a corporation you and your Corporation are separated. That means you would not be considered one for tax purposes. There is a fee involved with setting up a corporation. We can recommend professionals who can assist you in understanding all that is entailed and we can help to answer any of their questions with you. A private corporation is usually guaranteed by its primary shareholder (you), so when it comes to liability you and the corporation are both liable.

If you are a sole proprietor and you do not have a HST # for ANY business in your name, you can opt out of registering for HST if you are using your own name for the company (i.e. Phyllis Balkwill Consulting) AND you have SALES under $30,000 per 12 month calendar year. As soon as you go over $30,000, you are responsible to register your business for HST in Ontario.

There are reasons a proprietor might choose to register for HST when starting a business. For example if you are going to make large capital purchases and are registered for HST you can get some of those tax costs refunded.

BigHelp!ca can partner with you to help determine what option works best for you.

Once registered, you cannot ‘un’register. So speak to us first before getting yourself registered for something you might not need.

Corporations must register for HST.

Yes, we provide experienced processors for your payroll. We can provide solutions using the pay by cheque method or the leading edge direct deposit method.

We sure can. BigHelp!ca has worked with hundreds of companies with everything from a shoebox full of paper to a wad of receipts made into a ball. We show you how to organize your paperwork and teach you systems to stay organized.

We can consult in person or over the phone. We need to know what plans you have for your business and then we can work together to find the best solutions to guarantee its success. At BigHelp!ca we customize a plan uniquely suited to your business.

Speed is of the essence. We need to be able to adapt quickly, to have answers at our fingertips and to be able to orchestrate rapid change. With cloud computing all this is possible and it means we can virtually work from anywhere!

A Professional Bookkeeper, with Business Coaching, not only takes some of the burden off of you, but quickly determines the financial state of your business. The bookkeeper’s excellent record keeping will be helpful if the tax man wants to audit, but more importantly, it provides you with up to date and accurate figures to help you make the important decisions about your business. With the help of a professional accountant, management decisions are made easier. With BigHelp!ca!ca, you are supported by a knowledgeable team that understands Provincial and Federal laws and requirements. Together we can work toward your success.

Because we have spent time learning about your business, we can address your current and future needs. Depending on the services you want, we can track your cash flow, manage your bill payments, send you reminder notices when invoices or bills are due, invoice your customers, provide quotes for your customers or any other financial service you might consider helpful for your business.

Your business is unique therefore your monthly accounting service package is designed to suit those needs. We work with you to determine how BigHelp!ca can be the most assistance to you. Call us today to customize a package for your business!

You hire the employees and we’ll take care of all the details. BigHelp!ca will get you set up with all the tools for recording time, tracking completed jobs and preparing all the employee forms for record keeping. In addition we will set up the government regulations and forms, including WSIB, when needed. If you want, we can help you with the hiring process and seek out government grants, loans and subsidies that can help employ new hires.

We have many ways of collecting the information about payroll, including time clock submissions, email submissions, and local drop off and pick up. Once you are set up, you provide us the weekly hours of your employees and we provide you with pay cheques. Payments can be made weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly. We provide you with the employee pay cheques for your signature.

It is also possible for us to prepare an online set up to provide direct deposit. We work with banks and software companies that make this easy. Direct deposit is becoming more popular and we can help you choose whether this is the right system for you.

Each month we will prepare your government reporting (Source Deductions).

If your company has an employee that quits or is laid off, we handle those details and reports. Before terminating an employee we recommend that you consult with us. We can ensure that you have justifiable cause and can guide you through the process. Sometimes in our discussions you might find strategies to try that could eliminate the need to terminate.

At year end we will prepare the yearly earnings (T4 in Ontario) and provide the government with the necessary reconciliation report.

We handle the all the paperwork, making your life easy!

Initially we establish where your business is at then work with you to determine where you want your business to go. Once we have this road map we get to work on a time schedule. We know the long-term success of any company depends not only on the strength of its foundation and business model but on its access to the resources needed for growth. BigHelp!ca offers a professional Business Coach, access to key resources, a professional environment to meet with your customers, suppliers, or potential suppliers and the opportunity to be assisted by a dynamic entrepreneurial team.

Our proven model nurtures new and emerging ventures and helps you to survive and grow during the startup period. The model also proves beneficial to existing companies going through a major change. These can be vulnerable times for your business. Our eyes, ears and skills can help lessen the financial risk. Our main goal is to help you be financially viable and we have the skills and resources to make this happen.

Business reports are not the same for all businesses. Once we know your business, we can provide you with all your government reporting requirements.

These may include:

  • Monthly Payroll Source Deduction: calculate, prepare and submit monthly payroll deductions including CPP, EI and Income Tax – both the employee and employer calculations and submissions
  • Monthly HST reporting: set up, monitor, calculate, prepare and submit the necessary data
  • Monthly WSIB: Construction companies have different regulations so we’ll make certain your Workplace Safety and Insurance is up to date. Any forms or reports required will be properly completed and submitted on time. Clearance certificates are a must for Contractors.
  • Tax Reporting: we will assist you in making certain all your tax reporting is up to date and in order.

Yes! There is help for you. There are many reasons a business falls behind with government issues. Sometimes a business just hasn’t had the proper support to keep up with the government regulations and therefore falls behind in reporting. This can become very serious and can even lead to the freezing of bank accounts and other assets. At BigHelp!ca, if you are serious about making changes, we can help. We have had great success assisting firms with getting their business affairs straightened out and to putting them on the right track to ensure accurate and timely reporting in order to avoid future problems with CRA.

Yes. BigHelp!ca has brought people to justice by using our proprietary methods of gaining information and presenting it for legal proceedings and court hearings. Our investigative services are discreet and even if your bookkeeper isn’t stealing, we can put processes in place that ensure that you have control of your money. The controls we put in place help you recognize red flags and regulate the amount of freedom you give the employees working with money.