What is included in the government reporting service from BIGHELP!CA?

Author: BigHelp!ca Business Solutions |

Business reports are not the same for all businesses. Once we know your business, we can provide you with all your government reporting requirements.

These may include:

  • Monthly Payroll Source Deduction: calculate, prepare and submit monthly payroll deductions including CPP, EI and Income Tax – both the employee and employer calculations and submissions
  • Monthly HST reporting: set up, monitor, calculate, prepare and submit the necessary data
  • Monthly WSIB: Construction companies have different regulations so we’ll make certain your Workplace Safety and Insurance is up to date. Any forms or reports required will be properly completed and submitted on time. Clearance certificates are a must for Contractors.
  • Tax Reporting: we will assist you in making certain all your tax reporting is up to date and in order.