I am a sole proprietor, do I have to charge and pay HST in Ontario?

Author: BigHelp!ca Business Solutions |

If you are a sole proprietor and you do not have a HST # for ANY business in your name, you can opt out of registering for HST if you are using your own name for the company (i.e. Phyllis Balkwill Consulting) AND you have SALES under $30,000 per 12 month calendar year. As soon as you go over $30,000, you are responsible to register your business for HST in Ontario.

There are reasons a proprietor might choose to register for HST when starting a business. For example if you are going to make large capital purchases and are registered for HST you can get some of those tax costs refunded.

BigHelp!ca can partner with you to help determine what option works best for you.

Once registered, you cannot ‘un’register. So speak to us first before getting yourself registered for something you might not need.