Business Development and Training

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Administrative Assistance

Depending on your specific needs we can offer services to take care of the ‘over’ load of paper. Proficient, accurate recording and knowledge of the legal requirements are top priorities for our team. We are equipped to train your office/bookkeeping staff, to aid in the hiring of staff, to deal with labour situations, to assist with the implementation of ideas you have for your business and to help with any other administrative duties you require.

Business and Life Coaching

Coaching offers a time in your schedule to promote the enhancement of your business or your personal life. It’s an opportunity to view where you are and where you want to be.

Team Coaching – Members of our team meet with you and/or your team for energizing sessions.

Individual Coaching – One to one coaching is a highly personable and interactive session. Sometimes challenging, often encouraging, most people leave the session with a clearer vision of the next steps in reaching their goals.

Group Coaching – These interactive coaching sessions are done in a group with each individual being supported by the group and the coach.

Marketing & Planning

With the new trend toward global business awareness we will take the initiative to help your business grow through logo design, website development and advertisement. We work with creative, experienced individuals to promote your business so it stands in the best possible light and is seen by your target market. Let us use our time and talents to contribute significantly to your company’s growth.

Goal Setting & Action Plan

When helping you with your business plan, we take a hands on approach moving your company from the way things are now and the way you want them to be, We compile data about what is working and what is not working, set goals and make actions plans.