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At BigHelp, we specialize in helping people with their tax planning, tax preparation, maintaining financial records and government reporting. We have dedicated tax experts and tax accountants with experience in corporate tax planning, business tax planning and personal tax planning.

We are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to tax planning for small business, Real Estate professionals and Agricultural businesses, especially the Greenhouse industry (after all we are in the Tomato capital of Canada). Thus providing best online tax return service and tax advice.

We have the best tax preparation services. We know that you, like many of our clients, want someone that can explain how Harmonized Sales Tax personally affects you and your business. HST is complicated and Sage Accounting or other accounting software cannot be relied on to have captured every scenario. The Sage wizard is a helpful tool but it isn’t sufficient for most businesses. Big Help has picked up where Sage Accounting has left off. We’ve developed a systematic method to sort out the intricacies of HST reporting as it relates to your specific business. We also provide tax return services and help you to file tax return.

At BigHelp we understand there are many parts of operating a business that require time and energy. We also know that each employer has a limited number of hours in a day and limited energy to cover every area of need. Implementing Ontario Bill 168 (Section 32 of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act – Violence and Harassment in the Workplace) is one of those additional policies and procedures that you must have if you have more than 5 employees. It’s a time-consuming task but BigHelp has developed a template to help guide you through the necessary changes to your policy and procedures manual. Our tax preparation services cover a large spectrum of tax and below are a few of our areas of expertise.

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